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The “Problem” with the news

As public distrust of the media grows, so has our indifference to watching the news altogether.

Enter: News Now

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“Because gone are the days where news, now is boring...”

The “New News” Solution

Doing away with the rigid rules of traditional media, News Now welcomes a new generation of informed youth looking to be both entertained and educated. Founded on acceptance of the weird and unconventional, News Now encourages users to reject the outdated nature of traditional storytelling and adopt a more modern approach that embraces change. By incorporating music and dance into fast bites of meaningful stories, viewers are drawn into more addictive and engaging storytelling.

  • Preference Selection enables users to hand-select news topics they are interested in tailoring the viewing experience.
  • Discover Page allows for deeper exploration of trending stories and breaking news through keyword searches.
  • Easy to Use Homepage which uses auto-scroll to glue users to their phone by cycling through the day’s top breaking news stories after 60 seconds.
  • Source Verification ensures transparency to every content creator who posts to the app by initiating background checks and visibility listing out their qualifications to tell the news.
  • Addicting Storytelling where NewsNow content creators will have full access to popular songs and subtitles to foster creative storytelling. Publishers have the freedom to be unconventional and express themselves.

Ok, but how do you use the app?

App Walkthrough
  1. When launching the app users are greeted with a News Now logo that later dissolves into a sign-up and log-in page.

Design Journey and Technologies Used

All good things have humble beginnings, and in our case, big dreams– dreams that got scaled back a time or two.

A rough mockup design created in Adobe XD of the first stages of News Now
The original News Now Style Guide
The team got ambitious and expanded on the style guide with the design system.
The original icons got a colorful upgrade.
Preliminary code in the early stages of News Now created using XCode.
Current code for News Now App

Lessons learned through research, design, and development

  • Major developments and pivots from 7005, 8016, and 7015.
  • Key takeaway(s) from the Style Guide and brand decisions.
  • Key takeaway(s) from the Competitive Advantage Report
News Now Poster

Valuable Resources

A vast majority of the coding of the app drew from Simon NG’s Mastering Swift UI. However, Briana also consulted with various NMIXperts and her professor to discuss how to implement video, text, and how to connect the app to the camera.

Creator Journeys

Stemming from Ereina’s own frustrations of working in broadcast news, News Now emerged from the question: “How can we make news more interesting?”

Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement

Purpose Statement



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